Monday, October 8, 2012

Night Out

I got a new camera! A Canon Rebel T3i! This was my first time using it with the little remote shutter that came with it... It wasn't really picking up the signal so well. It seemed to be getting better though. Pictures came out semi-crap.
Anywho, here are some quick pics of my outfit before I went out the other night! I love these Bettie Page Black Magic Platforms! I feel so tall. 

Aztec Crop Top - Thrift Store
Galaxy Leggings - Ebay
Black Magic Platforms - Bettie Page

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Workout 7/24/12

Got intense with my work out today! Plyometric fun!


Plyos, yay!

20 Box Jumps
25 Lunges
2 Sprints
10 Box Jumps
50 Squats (no weight)
2 Sprints
10 Box Jumps
3 Sprints
20 Donkey Kicks
20 Side to Side Donkey Kicks
50 Mountain Climbers
2 Sets of 10 High Knee Jumps
2 Sets of 20 Zig Zag Jumps
2 Sets of Bicep Curls
2 Sets of Rows
2 Sets of Upward Rows
4 Sets of Flys
2 Sets Chest Press
100 Crunches
25 Legs Raises
Stretch! A LOT

My current goal is to do the splits for pole fitness!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Major Fitness and Accessory Thrift Haul!

I went thrifting this past week at some of my favorite spots! I got so much stuff I think I need to donate some of my things... maybe. Here's some pictures, I'll post more when I haven't already worked 12 hours.

I LOVE this. It's actually from a consignment store, still only $14!

All fitness seperates were only $3.99 each!

All of the sports bras were only $0.99!

Nine West Top $5.99

OBEY Shirt $4.99

American Flag Hankerchief for future tutorial ;D

$2.99 Leopard and Geometric Scarves


$4.50 Mint Purse

$8.99 Platform Boots 

$3.99 Pointed Heels

$3.99 Pointed Heels

$0.99 Dip Dye Scarf
These were both part of a sari

$0.99 Embelished Coral Scarf

Again, I'll post more pictures on Tuesday and hopefully be posting a tutorial with some of the stuff I got!